segment fault when using other user (including newly established)

Hi, because you just occassionally check the qiime1 forum, I post this question for support here.
I installed qiime1 using
mamba create -n qiime11 python=2.7 qiime matplotlib=1.4.3 mock nose -c bioconda with the sudo.
Then I swith to my account and another account, use
mamba activate qiime1 -h
it runs smoothly.
However, when I change to a newly established account (fanff), it failed.

Besides, another existed account failed also.
My own account is jkyin. Could you please be kind to help me? Thanks in advance.

That's fine. I've moved it to the Other Bioinformatics Tools section and added the Qiime1 tag so that people can find it.

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