sampling depth and rarefaction of dada2 and deblur tables

Hello @thermokarst

I am using qiime2.2021.8 and I found out lately that I am struggling to choose a sampling depth that represents my datasets in a good way. The reason is that I have a huge range of features for my samples. I have been a while through different posts and tutorials but need more insights and/or help with that, please.

Kindly find attached tables (dada2 and deblur) as I am looking forward to making a comparison.
dada2-table.qzv (940.4 KB)
table-deblur.qzv (490.1 KB)

Many Thanks

Hi @MarwaTawfik ,
I am reclassifying this topic as "General Discussion" because it is not a technical support question, but rather a question with a very subjective/experiment-specific answer (a.k.a., general discussion).

You should check out the alpha rarefaction section of this tutorial, and also the overview tutorial for more details on how to pick a reasonable depth:

Also, you have some other topics open asking about earlier processing steps (e.g., reporting issues with deblur). I am guessing that you solved these — in that case, please report back on those topics to say how you solved them, and we will close, so that moderators do not spend time troubleshooting solved questions... thanks!

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