Sample labels on Emperor plots



Hi all!

Just wanted to suggest that it would be great to have the option back of adding sample labels in Emperor plots (i.e. each sphere/shape has its sample name/ID appearing next to it on the PCoA plot). We used to be able to do this in Qiime 1 and I found it to be a really helpful feature.

I really like some of the other features in the new Emperor such as the scree plot. :slight_smile:


(Yoshiki Vázquez Baeza) #3

Thanks for the feedback @Matilda_H-D! I have been trying to figure out a way to add this back in to the program in a reasonable way, but haven’t yet come up with any good implementation ideas. For the time being, and just in case you didn’t already know about this, you can click on individual samples to reveal their names.

I’ll keep this thread posted once I have more updates on the topic.


Thanks @yoshiki, I actually didn’t know that and it has made looking at my visualisations a lot easier! :sweat_smile:

(Sam Degregori) #6

Wow…I wish I knew this a year ago…