Same sequence count in all samples

Hi. I am doing my 16s rRNA sequence analysis for the first time. I want to ask about the interpretation of Demultiplexed sequence counts summary. I have noticed that my per-sample sequence count is same for all 86 samples. Is it normal to have the same number of sequences (60000, in my case) for all samples.It will be great if you can please help me in this.

Hey there @Farhat_Abjani!

In my experience, no, not at all! You should double-check with your sequencing center to see if they have applied some kind of preliminary filtering to these data. Let us know what you find out!


@thermokarst Thank you so much sir your reply. I will ask the sequencing company.
by the way, is there any range for the sequencing count, because in some online tutorials the range for sequencing count is between 4000 to 6000, and in some tutorials its above 10000. However, in my case its 60000. This varies from experiments to experiments? Am I right sir?

Hi. I have asked the sequencing company regarding this 60000 raw reads issue. They mentioned that it was as per the quotation. I have attached their reply.
I have a general question. Is their any cutoff range for raw reads counts. My sample size is 86 samples. These samples are taken from a rural community.
I was going through the literature, but did not get the criteria for the selection. I was unable to understand this initial raw reads counts that are generated by the sequencing company.
Your explanation in this regard will be very helpful. Many thanks.

Hi there @Farhat_Abjani! Sorry for the slow reply, the moderation team was discussing this out-of-band. This response from your sequencing center seems odd to us - why are they not sharing all of the data with you? I think you might have a tough time defending this in a manuscript review, although that's total speculation on my part. I would personally ask the sequencing center for all of the data. Hope that helps!


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