Request for a 'tutorial' subforum...

Hi, would it be possible to create a sub-forum for the tutorials. The tutorial questions and solutions seem to be scattered over different sub-forums.

Anyway, I was wondering if there are answers to the questions in the moving pictures tutorial, I apologize if I have missed them.

Thank you.

Hi I was just wondering where I would find the answers to the Moving pictures tutorial Questions?

I have searched the forum but haven’t found anything. Is there a section which provides answers to the questions?

Thank you.

Hi @dvdharkin ,
Thanks for the suggestion! Could you please clarify some more?


HI Nicholas,

I’m not sure what you mean by clarification… its simple really…

One suggestion is for a separate sub-forum for the QIIME tutorials.

The other is a question asking if there are answers to the questions on the tutorials (specifically ‘moving pictures’).

Hope that clears it up.

Both “questions” seem pretty related to me.

We are considering starting a new section on the QIIME 2 Forum dedicated to discussion of tutorials, workshop lecture material, etc, however this is still in the planning stages at the moment.

No - there aren’t any easily searchable answers right now (many of these questions are derived as part of our workshop series, so they are meant to be asked and discussed as a group, in class - we have left them in the tutorial documents because they can be a useful guide). I think that discussion of answers etc would work really well in a new section on the forum dedicated to these educational materials.



PS, @dvdharkin - we are currently putting on a free, online workshop, here: Microbiome Bioinformatics with QIIME 2: Free online workshop

We aren’t focusing on the Moving Pictures tutorial there (instead, we are using the PD Mice tutorial), but much of the same information is presented in those video lectures - check them out if you’re running into any issues with answering the MP questions! If you get stuck, for now feel free to post any questions in the “User Support” category of the forum. Thanks!


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Hi Matthew, I hope this does not come across as rude but I don’t know any other way to say it… I used to own a forum and from experience, it only takes a few clicks of a mouse to open a new sub-forum… there’s not a lot of planning needed.

Hi @dvdharkin -

Yes, you’re right that the technical aspect is simple, but that’s not the source hold-up.

We have support response guarantees, staffing arrangements, and triage protocols to consider - unfortunately it isn’t as simple as “a few clicks of a mouse.” Once we get all of the details in order perhaps we will launch the new section then. In the meantime, you’re more than welcome to post to User Support of Technical Support, as necessary, thanks!