Reorganize metadata in boxplot


Few months ago, someone post a question concerning a way to reorder the metadata on the x axis of boxplot.

An issue had been created, but I can’t access the website ( I was wondering if this issue has been fixed?


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That’s strange — that link works for me.

No, looks like that is still an open issue.

For now, the best way to order this how you like will be to create a dummy metadata category where each group is coded by a letter in the order you want these displayed… a, b, c, etc. Then you can manually relabel these when preparing figures.

The issues to reorder boxplots and to download raw data are both open, but the latter will probably be fixed sooner (but I do not have an ETA).

Thanks Nicholas!

I have a restricted internet access at work. Maybe this is why I can’t access the website…

Thanks for the tips, it works well :wink:


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