Alpha diversity box plots

I have two questions:
(1) Is there a way to access the raw values displayed in the alpha diversity box plots in case we want to make our own plots?
(2) Is there a way to reorder the samples shown on the x axis of the boxplots? For instance… My x-axis is days of experiment and the order is currently jumbled rather than being shown from left to right as Day1…Day20.

Hi @Lisa_Crummett!

Unfortunately not yet, but it is on our radar. We will update this thread whenever it becomes available (no ETA yet).

Sorry, that isn’t available, but I have opened an issue on our issue tracker so that we can keep this in mind in future iterations of QIIME 2. It seems like the data export you requested above is probably higher priority, because if you had access to that data, you could plot it however you like!

That is unexpected - would you be able to attach a screenshot of those jumbled axis values here?


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