Rendering quality in emperor

Is it possible to change the rendering quality of the PCoA plots as in qiime1 and download the image as SVG?

To save as SVG (or as PNG), use shift + right click to open a menu box.

Unfortunately, it does not look like rendering quality can be modified, but perhaps @yoshiki can confirm.


I sent @yoshiki an email to notify him about this question. I expect that he’ll reply shortly.


For SVG files what you have is a scalable graphic, meaning that you can make the resulting figure any size you want. To do this, you will need to use an editing software like Inkscape (free) or Adobe Illustrator (not free).

For PNGs, the resolution will be inherited from the size of the browser window where you are looking at the plot, meaning that if you have a small browser window, then the resulting file will be small. If you want to generate a large image, your best bet (for now) is to increase the size of your browser window.

Moving forward, we will be adding an option to generate “high resolution” versions of the PNG files, some of the discussion can be seen here. I am currently working on this, but have not had a chance to finalize some bugs.


Hi @yoshiki,

I really appreciate your quick reply.
yes i have been using the Inkscape and Gimp2 with Qiime1 as well after downloading the SVG files. But i was wondering if we can increase the resolution on the browser which will be really good option. Looking forward to now option you mentioned.


I wanted to post an update on this, the next release of QIIME 2 will include the newest version of Emperor, which will have the ability to produce high-quality screenshots as noted above.