Dear all,
I have a gut microbiome dataset from a clinical trial. It is a pre-post trial with 2 groups: placebo, synbiotic.
I would like to find the compare the change in the taxonomy of the two groups. I understand that ancom analyzing does it but it does it only for a single group[placebo or synbiotic]. I wish to do ancom analysis to find a relative change in the synbiotic group with respect to the placebo group.
I was not able to do it using paired differences. Is there any other method/plugins which I can use? I tried to find it in the forum but could not find it.
Thank you

  • Aakash

Hi, @Aakash_Mantri :wave:

I think you might find The Parkinson’s Mouse Tutorial helpful. It demonstrates a workflow where ANCOM is run separately on two different groups. Please see the ANCOM section and the sections that follow it:

Hi Andrew,

Thank you for your reply. So if I understand right, the ancom does the analysis on the different groups separately. How do I do a relative analysis of the group? in my case, a relative change in the abundance of bacteria of symbiotic[treatment] group with respect to the change in the bacteria of the placebo.
I am also interested in 5 strains of bacteria.

Hello @Aakash_Mantri
Sorry for the late response
Andrew is out of the office this week and will be back soon!
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Hi, @Aakash_Mantri! Thanks for your patience.

My apologies if I am missing something, but it seems to me that your situation mirrors what is demonstrated in the tutorial I linked to above. Can you please clarify what questions you have about your situation that are not made clear in the Parkinson’s Mouse tutorial?