Regarding analysis

Hello Mam
While I posted my error many times on the QIIME2 forum but to no response. I am not getting any response from the team members. May be because of their busy schedule.
However to some cheers I tried each step and finally succeeded.
But unfortunately I am stuck at otu clustering step.
I ran the denovo otu command two time
first time i got plugin vsearch error
and in the second time I ran it by adding the --verbose flag ( it may be annoying to add this flag)
Again error but this time a long error saying can not allocate memory.
I think I might be out of memory besides allocating 10.2gb memory on vbox.
Now my final request is I need a relative abundance table of the otus and the representative sequence file.
If I will run closed reference command
Will I get these two files
Secondly which file I have to use as reference-sequences in case of picking closed reference otus.
thanks Mam and Sorry for disturbance

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