RE: How to know if my sequence data demultiplexed?

Last week I started of using QIIME2 to hopefully in a few weeks be able to perform my first microbiome analysis.
I am new to QIIME2 (and analysing sequences in general) and have a question regarding this forum: How to know if my sequence data demultiplexed? - #6 by Nicholas_Bokulich

You write in this story that because her lab already gave her demultiplexed sequences the barcodes are gone and she won't need them. Can I conclude from this that when you receive demultiplexed sequences, you don't have to include a barcode in the metafile?

Hi @AnkeWigger ,

That is correct — if sequences are already demultiplexed, then the barcodes are no longer needed.

The best way to tell if sequences are already demultiplexed is if you have one sequence file per sample (or alternatively there are other formats, e.g., if the sample ID/barcode are indicated in the header line).

Good luck with your analysis!

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