How to know if my sequence data demultiplexed?

My lab told me that the sequences are demultiplexed but the manifest file I generated from illuminating basespace has only sample ID and direction as in the manifest%20file picture. How to know if data need demultiplexing or not? thanks

Q: How to know if my sequence data demultiplexed?

A: If you have one sequence file (or pair of sequences) per sample. Your reads will be multiplexed (and need to be demultiplexed) if you have one one sequence file (or pair of files) per sample, often with an additional file containing barcodes unless if the barcodes are included in the reads. Do not worry about that — that is not what you appear to have.

So your reads are demultiplexed.

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thanks so from the screenshots, the barcodes included in the sample ID? and how to know its assignment to which sample?

no the barcodes are gone — you don’t need them, the sequences are demultiplexed.

The sample IDs (left column) are mapped to the individual filenames

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thanks so no need to do metadata file or demultiplexing and can go directly to import manifest for denoising? metadata in yml format

You still need a metadata file, you just do not need barcodes.

The sample metadata file contains all sorts of info about the samples, including things like treatment group or other characteristics that you want to use to compare your samples in later steps.

Yes! You can import with that manifest file and proceed straight to denoising.

Good luck!

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