R squared on qiime diversity beta-group-significance

Hi everyone,
I recieved a request from my PI and I would like to ask for assistance about this.

Basically I would like to obtain R squared values for the diversity beta-group-significance analyses that I've done. I computed a lot of them in order to analyse the effect that my variables have on the microbial community composition.

Basically, My PI asked me to report also values of R squared in order to understand the amount ov varaiance expressed by each variable.

Is there a value that I can use for this purpose in diversity beta-group-significance results?

Thank you so much for your help.

As you have noticed, the current version of beta-group-significance does not return the R2 value you are looking for. What is returned is discussed in this thread...

Running qiime diversity adonis does return an R2 value directly in Qiime2, and is another form of ANOVA.

Plus the adonis test lets you control for some variables while testing others, which is very useful. I would suggest running that!

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