R.4.0.3 compatibility with phyloseq and qiime2R

Hi! I´m new in this forum and I´d like to make a question about compatibility issues of R.4.0.3 with packages, “phyloseq” and “qiime2R”. Is there any other packages that replace those 2 for this recent version?


Hi Ricardo,

Sorry to hear you having problems. I just checked and I was able to install both qiime2R and phyloseq into R 4.0.3. Could you share details of how you are trying to install the packages and any error messages you might be getting?



Hi Jordan,
The message displayed by Rstudio says that “the package is not compatible with this version of R”. However, I managed to install qiime2R (with phyloseq included) via Github. The command with i used to do that was:

if (!requireNamespace(“devtools”, quietly= TRUE)){install.packages(“devtools”)}

That allowed me to use the libraries.

Sorry for the inconvenient, and I appreciate the quick answer and help provided.


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