questions about the sample metadata file (aka, mapping file).

As you know, we use this initially, when we build an ASV table.

Here is I am going to do. When I do the down stream analysis, for example, PCoA analysis, or summarize the taxonomy. I would like to change a group scheme. So I need to revise the original mapping file (e.g., I moved 10 samples from group A to group B).

Do I need to rebuild the ASV feature table from the very beginning? For example, rebuild the ASV table, subsample the table, filtering the unwanted ASVs etc. using the new metadata file?

Or I can use the old ASV feature table. I only need to use my new sample metadata file to do the downstream analyses -- build PCoA plot or summarize the taxonomy to build a bar plot.


Hi @sdpapet,

You can definitely use the same ASV feature table and change the metadata only.
Basically, you need to re-create the qzv files again using the revised metadata and you should go to go!