Qiita heatmap representation of a feature table

i’m trying to create a heatmap on the Genus collapsed feature table using Qiita command ‘generate heatmap representation of a feature table’. However, it fails with the following error message 'Error running: heatmap() got an unexpected keyword argument ‘metadata’.
I tried to change the ‘Specify which axes to cluster’ option - both, none, feature; use various metadata columns; leave the ‘Metadata column to use’ option blank - with no effect.
I’ve successfully completed several other analyses that require metadata.
Any suggestions? Thanks.

Hello @mkariush,

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Can you post the full command you ran along with any other information and clues you can provide us? I think looking at the metadata file too could be helpful, if you are willing to post it or the URL of the Qiita project you are using.

Thanks! Let’s see if the Qiita devs can help fix this.


Thanks for the response!

I think it has something to do with Qiita itself as when I download files from Qiita (collapsed_table.qza and mapping_file.txt) and run the command directly in Qiime (2019.7) it works as expected.


I encounter the same problem, but I haven’t learned how to use Qiime. Is there any resolutions that I can work on Qiita? Thank you so much!