qiime2R IRanges installation issue

Hello @jbisanz
Thank you for this package! I am trying to install it in R 3. 6.1 and I get this error:
Error: Failed to install ‘qiime2R’ from GitHub:
(converted from warning) cannot remove prior installation of package ‘IRanges’

Could you please help me figure it out how to fix it? I would appreciate it very much,

Maritsa Cruz

Hi @macruz258,

Welcome to the forum! I split this out into a separate topic since it deals with a different version of R and addresses what looks to be a different issue.


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Hmm, I just updated to 3.6.1 from 3.6.0 and did not run into this issue on my OSX machine. Are you using a shared server where you might not have appropriate permissions?

IRanges is a dependency of Biostrings which is used for importing fasta files in qiime2R. I would try to remove the old version and install the newest one as below:


Thank you Jordan for your quick answer! It looks like it is installed now with this code you provided. I will contact you if I run into another issue. Btw, I use a windows computer. I thought that might have been the issue at the beginning. Thanks again!

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