Hello, I am working on using PICRUSt after QIIME2 analyses. I am having some trouble though. I have been trying to use the exported feature table for my analyses (a .biom file). But that does not contain taxonomic data. I have been trying to add that data by exporting the taxonomy.qza file then using the biom add-metadata command. This has not been working though. The command runs but the taxonomic data is not added to the .biom file. Does anybody have any insight?

Hi @ellen,
Have you seen this tutorial?

That would be the best guide to follow from QIIME 2 to picrust.

The issue you are having is with biom-format, not QIIME 2, though, so we may have limited capacity to help debug if that tutorial doesn't lead you down the right path.

Let us know if that works, and if not please post the full commands and we might be able to help!

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