Qiime2 Library notifications

First a big congrats to everyone involved with the Qiime2 Library :books: and a big shout out to all the developers who are actively contributing to it! Really digging all the new plugins. Such an adrenaline rush every time a new plugin is introduced! :nerd_face:
Is it possible to somehow set notifications whenever a new plugin is added to the library, or at least have it be announced on the forum automatically? I think it would greatly help with their exposure…and save me having to visit one extra site every day :upside_down_face:
To a much lesser degree of necessity, any interest in allowing for images/logos for plugins? Some people may value their branding power to get their work out. :man_shrugging: Besides, who doesn’t like visuals. :wink:


Sincere question: does anyone use RSS feeds anymore? Those are super easy to set up.

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I personally haven’t used an RSS for at least 5 years now. If I set one up, the library would probably be the only content in it

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Perhaps QIIME2 library can be part of the QIIME2 documentation and/or QIIME2 forum? I guess most users spend most of their time on the documentation or forum. Would be nice to be able to check out new plugins while browsing the forum.