QIIME2 Installation

Hi, I’m new to QIIME2 and I’m just trying to install it on my computer. I’m wondering how long it usually takes to install QIIME2. I tried to install it yesterday but the transaction was still being executed after 20 hours. I then realized that I didn’t update conda so I restarted the installation. Right now it’s at 2 hours. Is it normal? Thank you so much.

Good morning,

The two slow parts of the Qiime 2 conda install are resolving all the dependancies (Qiime uses lots of software!), and then downloading the software and databases.

How is your internet connection? My qiime 2 install is about 7.7 GB, but not all of that has to be downloaded.

I think 2 hours is too long, so let’s see what the Qiime developers recommend.


2 hours is definitely too long. The install takes < 5 minutes for me.

This is most likely an issue with your network bandwidth. Some users have suggested that firewalls can be an issue, but it sounds like they get explicit errors. Sounds like your install just hangs.

I would recommend getting in touch with an administrator at your institution — they may be able to offer more advice since it sounds like this is not an issue related to QIIME 2 itself.

I hope that helps!

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