Qiime2 Galaxy server

Hi everyone, I see there is a QIIME2 galaxy server that is easy to use but I cannot find it. How do I get o this?

Kind regards

Hi @Mantella86,

Here is the public Galaxy server where you can utilize the QIIME 2 tool suite:

More details on using QIIME 2 through Galaxy can be found here, for your reference:

Cheers :lizard:


Hi Liz, thank you. I am trying it now. Do you know how to use the import tool. I have uploaded my fastq.GZ files one at a time in the upload box. What is the best way to get these into QIIME tools import?

I tried one file at a time and it came up with an error.

Kind regards


I think you might find this tutorial helpful. It also includes links to videos from one of our workshops too!

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