QIIME2 error with R3.4.1

I installed QIIME2 using miniconda3 in Ubuntu 16.04. my workstation has R3.4.1, I got error at the step of Option 1: DADA2.

I found the problem was due to R3.4.1 incompatibility. I removed R3.4.1 and installed R3.3.1 and all the ‘moving pictures’ tutorial is carried out successfully.

but I cannot use R or Rstudio as it cannot make plots.

I hope someone has some tips on how to fix this.



Hi @hshcao! It sounds like you’re running into the issue where QIIME 2 is locating the R installed on your system instead of the R that’s installed within your conda environment. We’re working on a more permanent solution but for now there’s a workaround. Can you try that out?

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