Qiime2 compatible oceanic databases - PR2 and Phytoref

Recently I was working on a project that requires tax assignment of oceanic samples using Bayesian classifier, but the main databases we used, PR2 and Phytoref, are not in the format compatible with Qiime2, so I just went ahead modified them and trained the classifier for Qiime2 use. If anyone also need to use these databases please feel free to download.


This is great, thanks so much for sharing Niu! Can you tell me which version of PR2 and Phytoref you used to make the artifacts?


@Du_Niu just wanted to send a reminder with you tagged to see if you could put up the version info for posterity. Thanks again for sharing these artifacts!




I’m working on a project which requires me to use PhytoRef. Would any one be able to provide me any tips or advice on how to change a database to qiime compatible one ?

Any support is highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Check out the link from @Du_Niu above — @Du_Niu has already converted Phytoref into QIIME 2-formatted files!

@Nicholas_Bokulich Thank you so much for the response!

I need to know the Phytoref version converted by Du_Niu. I’m sorry I haven’t worked with PhytoRef before. Are there different versions of PhytoRef, similar to other databases?

Many thanks!

Pinging @Du_Niu — do you know the answer to this?