Qiime2-2017.9 -- denoising stats

Hi all!
I am using QIIME 2-2017.9. I started practicing with the online Moving Pictures Tutorial (2018.6) but I am getting an error when trying qiime dada2 denoise-single:
Error: no such option: --o-denoising-stats

What would the analog to this command in the QIIME2 version I am using?
Thanks guys!

Hi @idapantoja,

The 2017.9 version of qiime2 didn’t have an option for --donoising-stats. This parameter was added in the more recent versions. You’ll want to either update to the newest version or simply exclude that parameter. Unfortunately there were no stats option for dada2 in your version.

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Thanks so much! I just moved to the tutorial for my version.

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