QIIME Visualization app in Illumina BaseSpace

Hi all,

I am very new to QIIME and have a very (I think) basic question about QIIME apps available in Illumina BaseSpace. I want to visualize 2 different sets of preprocessed data (basically 2 closed-ref folders from 2 separate Preprocessing runs) together. The QIIME visualization app does not allow me to select 2 QIIME Preprocessing Results - is it possible in some way to combine 2 closed-ref folders to upload in the Visualization app?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Neurone06 --- the apps you are asking about on basespace are for QIIME 1 --- this is the QIIME 2 forum, we might not be able to provide an answer for you here, but hopefully someone might be able to lend a hand (personally I have never used basespace). :qiime2: