qiime taxa-collapse problem - sequence item 0: expected str instance, float found

Hi @timanix, I've replaced "|" symbols with ";" in my taxonomy file. I've checked for empty cells in these file, and it returns to me as a table with filled cells, so it's okay to me.
Bacteria_taxonomy.txt (45.3 KB)

My feature table contains feature ids, also there is a "Taxon" collum but it works to use te FeatureTable with a taxonomy collum for other analysis in qiime2, so I think the point is specific with the taxonomy table.
Bacteria-family.txt (51.4 KB)

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I've runned the code again, and got the same error :pensive:

I've checked these discussions here and here. And it seems that maybe it's a formatting error in my taxonomy table.

I've runned qiime metada tabulate to obtain a .qzv file for my taxonomy table, and here is the result:

qiime metadata tabulate \
  --m-input-file Bacteria_taxonomy.qza \
  --o-visualization Bacteria_taxonomy.qzv

There was an issue with viewing the artifact Bacteria_taxonomy.qza as QIIME 2 Metadata:

  sequence item 0: expected str instance, float found

I don't know, but it looks like something is missing from the rows of my taxonomy table.