qiime itsxpress File too small

Hi everyone!

I have recently been getting back into some research and was attempting itsxpress again. It had previously given me the "File too small" error message when doing trim-single reads, and I decided to return to it later. Now, I've tried trim-pair-output-unmerged (despite having SampleData[SequencesWithQuality]) and standalone itsxpress to no avail: both tell me that my file is too small. I've followed what others have done in this forum and it hasn't worked.

I've done successful work on these files in the past. I've managed to create a list of taxonomy from UNITE databases with these same files, so I know they're usable. If anyone could give me some insight into the back-end workings of this process, that would be great! Context here can go a long way. Any insight at all is appreciated! :smiley:

Katherine Benjamin