Qiime feature-table rarefy?

Hello! I am trying to use the qiime feature-table rarefy plugin and receive an error when executing the code below.

qiime feature-table rarefy
–i-table deblur-seqs-tax-.qza \
–p-sampling-depth 400
–o-rarefied-table deblur-seqs-tax-400

Usage: qiime feature-table rarefy [OPTIONS]
Error: Got unexpected extra argument ( )

Input file description: First column is #OTU_ID and contains deblur sequences, the middle columns are sample IDs with the corresponding sequence frequencies in each cell, and the last column is an assigned taxonomy for each deblur sequence.

Any help and/or suggestions you could offer regarding this error message would be much appreciated. Thank you!

I solved this issue. It seems jupyter Notebook was not reading the commands sequentially despite using a ‘/’ after each line. This was solved by running as:

qiime feature-table rarefy --i-table ‘deblur-seqs-tax-stool-blood.qza’ --p-sampling-depth 400 --o-rarefied-table ‘deblur-seqs-tax-400’

Thank you!


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