qiime feature-table filter-features

When checking the feature table I see that there are 5 features with a length to much shorter than expected. If these sequences where blasted they correspond with fragment of virus or clonning vector, and I am analyzing bacterias. I am trying to remove this features by qiime feature-table filter-features based in th feature-id but I can’t. Is it possible?, how can I do.


There’s a plug-in where you can do this:


You have to match to a database. B

Hey there @mamunnoz!

Yep! Check out this tutorial for more details:


I’m having a similar issue as @mamunnoz - I would like to filter out features (sequences) that are shorter than a threshold length in bp. Is there a way to filter features from a feature table by sequence length specifically?

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Hey @Luke_Thompson!

This should help you get started:

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Thank you, @thermokarst! This looks like just what I need. :star_struck:

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