Qiime feature-classifier classify-sklearn error

The problem I met is,
I extracted v3-v4 from silva references and constructed a classifier with "qiime feature-classifier fit-classifier-naive-bayes". I applied the classier to my dataset (data1.qza,v3-v4), all the sequences were obtained same results (data1_v3v4classifer_taxonomy.txt), which does not make sense. Thus I constructed another classifier with full length silva references and applied it to data1.qza. The results (data1_fullLenclassifer_taxonomy.txt) make sense. In addition, I applied the v3-v4 classifier to another dataset (data2.qza, v4), the results make sense (data2_v3v4classifer_taxonomy.txt)
I do not know what's wrong. The parameters I used were default.
data1_fullLenclassifer_taxonomy.txt (3.4 KB)
data1_v3v4classifer_taxonomy.txt (3.9 KB)
data2_v3v4classifer_taxonomy.txt (3.4 KB)
data1.qza (5.4 KB)
data2.qza (4.3 KB)

See this post:

Use the --p-min-length parameter in extract-reads to fix this (make sure you are using the latest version of QIIME 2 — older versions do not have that parameter).

Thank you Nicholas! I will have try.

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