QIIME 2 Native installation


We have always used QIIME virtual box, and recently we have been thinking about investing in a machine where we could natively install QIIME2. We would ideally like the transition to be as easy as possible and needed some suggestions on what platforms are recommended. I read that it can be installed on Unix/Mac platforms, would one be better over the other?

QIIME 2 will work perfectly fine on OS X and Linux (QIIME 2 doesn’t even realize the difference). But in the general case, people have argued for years over this topic, as operating systems can be a very personal choice. It really is going to come down to what your team is already familiar with (or can adapt to).

I’m a fan of Ubuntu (a Linux distribution) myself. It is also what the QIIME Virtual Machines are usually based on, so if you’re team is already used to that, it may be worth trying. If you wanted something that looked more like Windows, Linux Mint is also a popular choice. (Linux distributions can be a pretty deep rabbit-hole to dive into, there are so many!)

Otherwise for general-purpose usability OS X is pretty good, most of our development team uses that. Though getting the hardware you need to run big analysis is not nearly as easy (most supercomputers run some kind of Linux distribution).


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