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Hello QIIME 2 Forum,

Long time listener first time caller.

I would like to use a mobile device (an iPad) to present q2view to an audience.

q2view does not work well on my device. It refuses to load in most browsers (the latest versions of Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Firefox). Surprisingly, it will load in Safari, but the interface is munted.

If I try this one, half of the page isn’t on the screen and it won’t scroll.

If I try this one, I get the feeling that I’m standing on the bridge of the Enterprise. It won’t stop zooming into the plot.

Does anyone know a workaround (a browser that does work, or a way to configure one of the browsers so that it will work), or is there any interest more broadly in making q2view work more universally?

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I mainly came here to publicly like ‘munted’…
While I’m here…if it helps with future troubleshooting, both those plots worked fine for me on a Samsung S6 edge, Android 7.0, loaded with Chrome 75.0.3770.101.
Sorry no suggestions of a workaround.

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Thanks @Mehrbod_Estaki,

Your post gives me hope. This is starting to look like a bug report for q2view.

I am using Chrome 75.0.3770.103 and iOS 12.3.1 on an iPad Pro (12.9-inch) (3rd generation).

I keep on getting the incompatible browser page. It happens whether I request the desktop version or not. What does q2view have against iOS?

Also “munted”. :heart: Kiwis.


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Ok, I spoke to the guru (@ebolyen) and it looks like there is not much we can do about this issue.

All the web browsers on iOS have to use the same Web API (see this stackoverflow post).

I guess Apple just doesn’t care about us. :sob:


Well apparently Apple heard my pathetic wailing.

After a cursory inspection, q2view appears to work well on IOS 13.1.2.

So now you can present a workshop from an iPad, if you would like to.