q2book: additional ideas and suggestions

Hi, I had great fun reading the new q2book. Thanks for this fantastic addition to the qiime2 environment.
I know it is still work in progress. Nevertheless, I think it still makes sense to collect already ideas and make suggestions what could be improved. From my point of view there should be a separate chapter on the compositional nature of NGS datasets, which should/could cover the following topics:

This part of the q2book could also be an obvious source to link additional q2-plugins from the community...


Hey @Mechah, Thanks so much for the feedback, I'm glad to hear that you've enjoyed it! I'm very happy to take ideas and suggestions.

This is exactly the kind of content I plan to include in q2book, and I am specifically planning to add a chapter on compositional data and methods for working with it (including links out to relevant QIIME 2 plugins). Thanks for letting me know you're interested - that bumps it up on my priority list! :smiley: