q2-scnic not compatible with 2023.5 feature table

Hi Qiimers! I'd want to know if SCNIC can be installed in the new qiime2-2023.5.
I have installed with qiime2-2021.2, but if I run .qza files (q2 2023.5 version), then SCINC (installed in q2 2021.2) can not recognize the .qza files.

So, is there some way to actualize the SCNIC plugin?

Thanks in advance


Hi @Deb_Colman,
So this is caused by an upgrade to our archive directory that happened in q2-2023.5. I would recommend downgrading to q2-2023.2 before this breaking change was made. If you downgrade to q2-2023.2 you should not received this error.
hope that help!


Thanks Chloe for your soon answer..

I am going to try your suggestion! :slight_smile:

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