Q2-longitudinal LME graphics

Hi All,

I am doing some longitudinal analysis using q2- longitudinal. I would like to have all Regression scatterplots at the same scale (y-axis). Is it possible to do that? I’m using version QIIME2, release 2018.11.
Thank you in advance for your help

Hi @linama,
I assume you are referring to the volatility action? There is not an easy way to adjust y-axis directly in the visualization, and I have opened an issue to add this feature at some point in the future.

For now, it would be possible (with some difficulty for beginners) to adjust the y-axis limits by using the “vega editor” to edit your plots. Use the visualizer to navigate to the feature you want to visualize, and format the plot to the extent that you desire. Then click “vega editor” to open the plot in vega editor, which is an external program for editing the plot data — you will need to read up a little bit on how vega works (the editor page will link to documentation), but it should be possible to define yaxis limits in there somewhere.

Thanks for suggesting this feature!

On re-reading, I realize you are probably talking about the scatterplots generated as part of the linear-mixed-effects action. These should already be at the same scale (since they are showing the same data, but colored according to different metadata columns). There is no way to adjust the scale from within QIIME 2, but you can download the raw data as TSV and plot externally (e.g., in R?).

These regression plots are really just meant for diagnostic purposes, so I am unlikely to add a feature for adjusting the y-axis scale. I would recommend viewing the data with the volatility action instead, in which case my advice above applies.

I hope that helps!