q2-ghost-tree Installation Problem

@Jennifer_Fouquier I have been trying to install q2-ghost-tree on QIIME2 2022.8 but to non avail. After successful ghost-tree installation, I follow your q2-ghost-tree tutorial, clone your Git and install with pip. However I get the following error:

NameError: Duplicate view registration ('AlignedRNAFASTAFormat') defined in plugins: 'ghost-tree' and 'types'

Could I be doing something wrong?

@Tsvetoslav_Georgiev, no this is an issue with two different things being called the same name, I will look into it and send a message to the plugin developers, hopefully it is a case where they submitted something that had been living in their plugin to q2-types, and can just be removed from the plugin.

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Alright, good news I think the issue is simply that your local copy of ghost-tree is behind the latest version, I was able to install without issue using 2022.8 and the latest ghost-trees. You can bring it up-to-date by changing into the ghost-tree directory, and running git pull <remote-name> master, with the remote name probably being origin.


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