Q2-cutadapt Log

Is it possible to add an option to print/save the log of the software?
I just want to be sure that all the reads contained the primers that I want to remove.
This information was shown in the “original” cutadapt software.

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Hello Greg,

Have you tried running cutadapt with the --verbose True option? Does that produce the extra information you want or is there other info we can output?


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Running the cutadapt command with

--verbose | tee $PWD/CutadaptStdout.txt

will make a file called “CutadaptStdout.txt” which I think will log the information you’re looking for


Thanks, exactly what I was looking for !

No worries, I only know because I wanted to log everything from my analysis into a log file!

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Ran across this today and saw we didn’t have a corresponding issue. I’ve created one, thanks for the discussion all.

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