q2-aldex2 loading packages error


I have a question about running q2-aldex2. Whenever I try to analyze my data with ALDEx2, I get an error regarding the MASS package not loading.

Here are my input commands:

#!/usr/bin/envRscript install.packages("BiocManager")
#!/usr/bin/envRscript BiocManager::install("ALDEx2")
conda install -c dgiguere q2-aldex2

qiime aldex2 aldex2 \

--i-table /Users/lyskae/Desktop/Project/FMT/table.qza \

--m-metadata-file /Users/lyskae/Desktop/Project/FMT/FMTmetadata.tsv \

--m-metadata-column type \

--o-differentials /Users/lyskae/Desktop/Project/FMT/FMTtreated-vs-healthy \

--output-dir /Users/lyskae/Desktop/Project/FMT/aldex

And the file with the error is attached below.
error.txt (2.6 KB)
Any help would be greatly appreciated!!