Problems with qiime tools import using qiime2-2018.8

Hello everyone
I would like to report a problem in the version qiime2-2018.8
When I try to import using the command:

qiime tools import
–type ‘FeatureData[Taxonomy]’
–source-format HeaderlessTSVTaxonomyFormat
–input-path /…/Silva_132_release/SILVA_132_QIIME_release/taxonomy/16S_only/97/taxonomy_7_levels.txt
–output-path ref-taxonomy_sil.qza

the output is:
“Error: no such option: --source-format”

with the version qiiime2-2018.6 this error does not occur.

I attached the output of the qiime info command:
qiime info:

System versions
Python version: 3.5.5
QIIME 2 release: 2018.8
QIIME 2 version: 2018.8.0
q2cli version: 2018.8.0

Installed plugins
alignment: 2018.8.0
composition: 2018.8.0
cutadapt: 2018.8.0
dada2: 2018.8.0
deblur: 2018.8.0
demux: 2018.8.0
diversity: 2018.8.0
emperor: 2018.8.0
feature-classifier: 2018.8.0
feature-table: 2018.8.0
gneiss: 2018.8.0
longitudinal: 2018.8.0
metadata: 2018.8.0
phylogeny: 2018.8.0
quality-control: 2018.8.0
quality-filter: 2018.8.0
sample-classifier: 2018.8.0
taxa: 2018.8.0
types: 2018.8.0
vsearch: 2018.8.0

Application config directory

Getting help


Hey there @Jose_Ricardo_Ulloa - please see the changelog for details (scroll down to the q2cli section):

We made some breaking API changes regarding import, export, and extract --- these changes were necessary to unify the terminology used, making the experience more consistent moving forward. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks! :t_rex: :qiime2:


Thank you very @thermokarst much for the quick answer.

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