pretrained classifier for UNITE (ITS OF FUNGI)

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I am having some difficulty in training the the feature classifier on the UNITE database and i am getting Error (Unable to allocate................) when i checked it, it shows this happens due to low RAM.. unfortunately i don't have higher RAM level. if possible can anyone help me with a trained classifier using a relatively recent version of the dynamic UNITE database.
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Hello @israel,

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Here are the newest version I know about: UNITE (v.8.0 2018-11-18) Classifiers for QIIME2 Available Here

You may have to install an older version of Qiime inside of a seperate conda environment to run this older pre-trained classifier. Let us know if you have any questions!

thanks for the reply @colinbrislawn sir.. actually i am running my data in Virtual Box. is it fine if i downloaded the older version.. and i have a another query (the error which i have got is like *unable to allocate 3.26GiB for an array with the shape (20000, 20589) and data type int64 *) is there any other way that i can solve this issue.. currently my system size is about 8gb ram, even in my virtual box i have increased till 5 gb ram... even though i got the same error... if possible help me please.

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As you have discovered, some of the steps require more ram. Do you have access to a computer with more memory, perhaps a university server that you could use to run these memory intensive steps?

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No sir, i don't have enough ram and its very hard to arrange it.. if there is any other solution kindly help me please..
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The best option would be to find a compute with more memory, but I know how hard that can be.

Here are some resources you may find helpful:

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@colinbrislawn thanks for the response sir!.. i will try it :grinning:

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For the past four days i was trying to run UNITE Classifier. But due to Memory issues i couldn't able to run it. if possible can anyone help me by running the classifier for me.. because i have tried till 16GB RAM. even though i couldn't able to get the results. Its really hard for me to arrange the higher variant. anyone please help me. :grinning:
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