Plugin error from fragment-insertion - CalledProcessError - - non-zero exit status 1


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Hi Antonio,

Yes, of course. Please find attached the file of representative sequences. Thank you so much for your help
rep-seqsA.qza (187.3 KB)

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Sorry for the delay, your file ran without issues on my laptop. I used the command: qiime fragment-insertion sepp --i-representative-sequences rep-seqsA.qza --o-tree rep-seqsA.tree --o-placements insertion-placements.qza and the generated three is: rep-seqsA.tree.qza (2.4 MB); not adding the insertion-placements.qza file cause it’s ~5M.

Anyway, would you mind trying again and checking the log files? My guess is that you are running out of memory or space.

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Hi Antonio, thank you so much for your help and for sending me the file. Yes, you were right. It seems that the problem was that I was running out of space. Now, it is working. Thank you

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