Plugin error from feature-table summarize

Hello upon running this code I am receiving this error message :

qiime feature-table summarize  --i-table feature-table.qza  --o-visualization feature-table.qzv --m-sample-metadata-file ITS1metadata_FC534barcode.csv 

Plugin error from feature-table:

"None of [Index(['ITS.CC.64', 'ITS.CC.4', 'ITS.CC.44', 'ITS.CC.80',
  'ITS.CC.49',\n       'ITS.CC.79', 'ITS.CC.71', 'ITS.CC.50',
  'ITS.CC.66', 'ITS.CC.38',\n       'ITS.CC.46', 'ITS.CC.76',
  'ITS.CC.59', 'ITS.CC.36', 'ITS.CC.69',\n       'ITS.CC.72',
  'ITS.CC.58', 'ITS.CC.40', 'ITS.CC.63', 'ITS.CC.51',\n
  'ITS.CC.73', 'ITS.CC.62', 'ITS.CC.1', 'ITS.CC.75', 'ITS.CC.11',\n
  'ITS.CC.47', 'ITS.CC.15', 'ITS.CC.78', 'ITS.CC.48', 'ITS.CC.52',\n
  'ITS.CC.2', 'ITS.CC.74', 'ITS.CC.8', 'ITS.CC.30', 'ITS.CC.85',\n
  'ITS.CC.3', 'ITS.CC.10', 'ITS.CC.39', 'ITS.CC.77', 'ITS.CC.6',\n
  'ITS.CC.7', 'ITS.CC.45', 'ITS.CC.61', 'ITS.CC.54', 'ITS.CC.70',\n
  'ITS.CC.67', 'ITS.CC.53', 'ITS.CC.5', 'ITS.CC.9', 'ITS.CC.60',\n
  'ITS.CC.55', 'ITS.CC.56', 'ITS.CC.27', 'ITS.CC.43', 'ITS.CC.57',\n
  'ITS.CC.68'],\n      dtype='object')] are in the [index]"

I have checked that all of these Sample IDs are identical in my metadata, feature table, and in my demux-paired-end.qzv files and they are.
These Sample IDs are the first part of all of my file names as required by the Casava 1.8 import.

Everything seems to be correct but I keep getting this error.

Thanks in advance for the help!

Hi @cour10eygrace!

Couple of questions:

  • What version of QIIME 2 are you running right now?

  • I noticed that your metadata file is a .csv. QIIME 2 expects a .tsv file. Since things mostly are working, it probably is a tsv that just has the wrong extension, but double check that.

  • What are the sample IDs on the feature-table when you call summarize without passing --m-sample-metadata-file? Do they look like what you are expecting or are they wrong? This will tell us if something strange happened earlier on in the process.

Hi @ebolyen you are correct, I needed a .tsv file extension. Things are working now…thanks for your patience I’m new to this!

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