[PLEASE READ] About our Community Plugins

The Community Plugins category is for sharing QIIME 2 plugins that are not part of a QIIME 2 Distribution.

:exclamation: Please be aware that because these plugins are developed by the QIIME 2 developer community, and not the core QIIME 2 development team, some may not be actively maintained or compatible with the current release versions of the QIIME 2 distributions. More information on the development and support for these plugins can be found here.

Community Plugins should include a description of why a reader would be interested in the plugin, the current status of the plugin (e.g., should users consider the results to be publication quality, or are the approaches more experimental?), the versions of QIIME 2 that the plugin is known to work with, instructions for installing the plugin, and ideally a brief tutorial that illustrates how to use the plugin and interpret the results. Running all of the commands in the tutorial should be quick (e.g., a few minutes of compute time).