Pipeline and platform

Hello All
I am new to qiime2. Kindly Ignore any errors and mistakes.
I have a dataset of 20 different samples sequenced on Illumina Nextseq 500 platform.
I want to know the pipeline I should follow for data analysis
Thanks in advance

Firstly, Thank You all
I think I posted this question in wrong section.
Sorry for that, as I was unaware where to post this query.
I posted to get an idea about the pipeline I should follow to analyze the data obtained from Illumina Nextseq. As I tried to follow the miseq pipeline but I lost about 80% of data.
Thanks in advance

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Hi @divyaprince321 ,

You should be able to analyze nextseq and miseq more or less the same way. There are several posts in the forum archive about analyzing nextseq data, so I recommend reading these.

It could just be related to data quality... but please read the existing forum topics about this for troubleshooting advice.

Good luck!