Performing Permanova analysis for dataset in Qiime2 (PCoA, Beta Diversity)

Hi all,
I want to perform Permanova analysis for my dataset (PCoA, Beta Diversity) to check if there is distance between the groups.
How could distance between all paired/unifrac/weighted/unweighted/bray curtis can be calculated?
Can someone suggest the path, input and output artifacts, commands needed?
I have just gone through a previous post in the forum

here, it shows table.biom file as input artifact, how could I find /generate that file?
Could someone suggest the way?,
And additionally, if someone can explain the basics/principle of these analysis types?

Hi @Mashuk!

Please check out the Moving Pictures tutorial:

The Alpha and beta diversity analysis section of that tutorial demonstrates this technique.

Keep us posted! :qiime2:

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