Multi-level taxa barplots

I like how barplot.qzv files let me click on taxa in my legend and see where those bacteria pop up in my barplot, but it becomes difficult to track, say, Rhizobiales in a barplot of order relative abundance once I switch to the family level. It means scrolling through all the taxa in the legend and re-selecting all the families nested within Rhizobiales.

It would be nice to have a tool built into the barplot.qzv files that would allow users to expand a single taxon and see the features nested within it, like the families within a single order. Maybe selecting a feature in the legend would (a) highlight where that feature appears in the barplot as it already does, (b) subdivide the highlighted portions of the barplot by the relative abundance of the features at the next deepest taxonomic level, and © create a sublegend beneath the selected feature for its component taxa at this deeper level. This would be helpful for visualizing where higher-level similarity between samples breaks down and which closely related taxa are differentially abundant across those samples. Thanks!


Thanks @wsano! We have a long-running ticket about this here: Collapse/expand clades to allow simultaneous viewing at different taxonomic levels · Issue #33 · qiime2/q2-taxa · GitHub

Not sure when or if this will happen, but stay tuned! Thanks! :qiime2: