Moving Pictures Tutorial -- Demultiplexing sequences step

I was working my way through the moving pictures tutorial, and there was a odd issue.

When running the demux command, I got this error:

                There was a problem with the command:                     

(1/1) Invalid value for “–m-barcodes-file”: There was an issue with
retrieving column ‘barcodesequence’ from the metadata:

I downloaded the sample metadata file from here:

Upon inspecting the TSV file, I found that the second column is labeled as barcode-sequence and not barcodesequence. So I manually changed that column name and it ran fine. It just seemed like an odd thing to have to fix when working through a tutorial, so I wanted to at least check to make sure there wasn’t something else going on that I missed.


I am running QIIME2 on a Windows VirtualBox, QIIME 2 Core-2020.2.

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Hello @AaronW, It looks like you just made a typo when copying the command


Ugh… That’s what I get for working on this far too late in the day. Thanks!


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