More Replicas Presented!!!

Hi all,
I have 12 samples with three replicas each, 36 samples altogether.
In Permanova, if I am not mistaken, it shows n=9 for the rest samples except the control week1 and so on. It sounds confusing! I expected n=3 'cus I have three replicas for each sample. Could you please guide me?



This analysis compares a reference group with all remaining groups. These comparisons are based on pairwise comparisons, so if you compare the group reference with itself, you will only have 3 pairwise comparisons. When you compare different groups (3vs3), you will have 9 pairwise comparisons. So those n’s shown in the xticks are actually the number of pairwise comparisons with the reference group, not the number of samples per group.

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Thanks, sir.
Your explanation is right! But there is no place to compare one sample with other samples one by one! Can you tell me how can I do that?

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I believe that’s your distance matrix, isn’t it?

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It is called unweighted_unifrac_distance_matrix.qza file. I think you are right!

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I tried with --p-pairwise and --p-no-pairwise parameters but the result is the same! not changd.
Is there someone to give me a clue?