Mismatch ids in demux

Hello everyone, iam a new user of Qiime2. can i ask you about how to solve a mismatch ids in demux? i’am stuck in this process for 3 weeks, iam very pleased with you advice and suggestion…

Thank you…

We are happy to help!

Can you tell me more about this mismatch? What IDs are not matching? Are you getting an error?


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Yes, that's my screenshot on my process, and i still cant find any solution to solve it

Thanks for posting that.

Based on this post, it looks like some reads have gone missing from your files. Have these fastq files been filtered or modified in some way?

This command should work on the original files from the sequencing machine or sequencing center, but the modified file is causing this error. Have you tried running this command on the original file?


My fastq file is original file & not modified mr colin

Hi @Aditya_Ragil_Suharto,

Looking at the error report, it seems kind of odd that the headers are so different between the barcodes and the forward/reverse reads. Note that 2 start with MISEQ and the other with HWI.

In my experience, they normally look pretty similar, like this:

  • barcode: @M05314:81:000000000-BPPC5:1:1102:16081:1360 1:N:0:1
  • forward: @M05314:81:000000000-BPPC5:1:1102:16081:1360 1:N:0:1
  • reverse: @M05314:81:000000000-BPPC5:1:1102:16081:1360 2:N:0:1

Can you double check that your have the correct files? If not sure, suggest double checking with your sequencing center.


Maybe i need to learn more about the header Mr. Antonio, thank you for the advice…

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