misc feedback on qiime2

As user beginner in qiime2 I found it's very good tools for the study of biodiversity in many environmental biotope, I knew I din't acheive yet all the possibilty of plugins, also I still not able to juge it because it designed by very good engeeners of the fields, but I have some remarks:
langauges tools (French, Arab,........Spanish, China.....Portugues German...............) in Forum and qiime2 software.
Some plugin need to be performed by simulation: video........
And there is long suggessins list maybe it help and if you accept we can continuous to talk about it.

Hello @azithro13 ,

Thank you for your kind and constructive feedback.

Have you seen the community translations section of the forum? Translations - QIIME 2 Forum

As free, open-source research software, QIIME 2 relies on its community to develop features like translations and tutorials for specialized applications. We would welcome these translations if you are interested in contributing to the community translations section :grin:

For users who cannot find a community translation written in their preferred language, google translate, deepL, and other free online tools are available for website translation. Of course these tools are not perfect, but they allow many different translation options.

Have you seen the QIIME 2 youtube channel? QIIME 2 - YouTube

This of course cannot cover all possible applications/plugins, and the videos are only in English. Again, we rely on the community to develop specialized content.

Yes suggestions are always welcome — I have recategorized your post to the "Ideas and Suggestions" category, which is meant precisely for this type of feedback.

Thank you for your suggestions.